at Six Flags St. Louis

Title: Through and Through Artist: Life Of Agony 3,063 plays


Life of Agony - Through and Through

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Title: Homewrecker Artist: Converge 5,901 plays

I lay claim to this day. No love, no hope. I’ve lost count of the second chances. 

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Zoo date with da bae (at Saint Louis Zoo)

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Chinatown with @arronmarie @thevisualjunkie @cakeandcrime (at Chinatown Square)

Fire escape hangs with @arronmarie @thevisualjunkie @cakeandcrime

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Title: Hellbound Artist: Ringworm 453 plays


Hellbound | Ringworm | Scars

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Title: The Boy's Republic Artist: Deftones 374 plays


Deftones // The Boy's Republic // White Pony

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